Competition rules

The Beach Challenge triathlon is governed by the competition rules of the Netherlands Triathlon Union, including the specific rules for cross triathlon and duathlon. All participants are expected to know these regulations and adhere to them.

NTB officials will oversee the event according to the NTB regulations. All athletes must follow the instructions of the race officers, jury members and NTB officials. The most important items the NTB officials will monitor are:

  • Unsportsmanlike behaviour (e.g. cutting off the course, hindering other participants, use foul language).
  • Unauthorized (outside) assistance from public or other athletes during the race is not allowed.
  • During the swim, your feet have to be uncovered (no socks, compression socks or other items). Compression tubes are allowed during the swim, except in the case when wetsuits are prohibited.
  • Biking has to be done with a mountain bike (26 or 29 inch). Tyre width may not be smaller than 40mm.
  • No biking in the transition area.
  • At swim-bike transition: put on your helmet first, before unracking your bike.
  • At bike-run transition: rack your bike first, before removing your helmet.
  • No biking or running with bare / visible torso.
  • Headsets (from Ipod/MP3/telephone) are not allowed during the race.
  • Drafting: is allowed.
  • Barefoot running during the run section is not allowed.
  • Your race bib has to be worn in full (unfolded and uncut) and clearly visible during the race: on your back while biking, on your front while running.

Any protests concerning the race have to be made at the Technical Delegate of the NTB as soon as possible after your finish, within the regulatory timeframes, in writing and accompanied by payment of € 25.