Training course

Note ! The maximum of 25 participants has been reached. Any new registrations will be put on a waiting list.

Are you tempted to enter the KYOCERA Beach Challenge, but not sure if you have what it takes to finish? Then this training course is for you! Designed for those who want to participate in the KYOCERA Beach Challenge well-prepared, this course is offered by the RTC Den Haag, an endurance sports club. The course is suitable for both new and experienced triathletes. Some endurance sports experience is required. You should be able to:

- swim (either crawl or breast stroke)
- run for an hour (at your own speed)

The course starts about three months before the race. Training course coordinators Harald ten Katen and Leo Meewisse are confident that after three months of training you will be able to start and finish one of the KYOCERA Beach Challenge series!

There is a weekly session for each element of triathlon given by experienced trainers.

Swimming sessions
In April and May swimming sessions are held indoors on Friday evenings at Waterthor. For those who need to work on their swimming, we have an option to start the swim training a month earlier. When the temperature warms up we will swim outdoor in the Madestein area and in the North Sea at Kijkduin.

Cycling sessions
In the beginning cycling sessions are aimed at improving your stamina. Later the focus shifts to mountainbike technique. Cycling sessions take place on Saturday mornings on a mountainbike.

Running sessions
Running sessions are on Monday evenings. These are a mix of technique and interval training, held at the Sparta track at the Zuiderpark. Later on we run in the dunes and on the beach; these sessions are on Thursday nights.

Transition sessions
Transitions are the fourth discipline of triathlon. It is far from easy to adjust quickly when you switch from swimming to cycling to running. Transition training sessions will help you master this key element.

The price for the full course is 50 euro (from April up to the KYOCERA Beach Challenge). This does not include the extra month swimming (20 euro) and the cost of the race itself – race registration is separate.

An NTB (Dutch Triathlon Union) athletes license is optional. This costs 55,50 euro for the whole of 2014, and has a number of advantages:
- you will receive the very informative monthly magazine “Triathlon/Duathlon Sport” (in Dutch);
- the entry fee for the KYOCERA Beach Challenge is lower, since you won’t need an “event license” when entering, nor for any other races you might be doing this year.

This year’s triathlon training course starts Saturday April 12th with a running session (or on Friday March 14th if you go for the extra month swimming). You can register for the course here. Note ! The maximum of 25 participants has been reached. Any new registrations will be put on a waiting list.

Do you want to know more on what you can expect in the course? If you can read Dutch, download the brochure. For any further questions please contact RTC.