Sea swim – July 4


Sea swimmers

The sand rubbing between your toes, the salty sea air blowing in your face. White crests mock you and challenge you to cast off and set to the sea.

The start signal is rising above the sound of the whispering waves: a 2 km swim in the North Sea. One moment you feel like a bobbing nut, the next like a dolphin. The sound of water lapping at the beach, waves, currents, wind, you are trying to find the right rhythm, whilst tasting the salty water on your lips, and when you turn your head to breathe … you see the sky and water, lots and lots of water … You are participating in the sea swim: 17.00, July 4, 2015!

Registration is open now and will close on June 19. It is not possible to register on the day itself.

    • Date: July 4
    • Distance: 2 km
    • Start: 17:00
    • Location: Kijkduin beach and sea. We will swim downstream along with the current.
    • Entry is open to anyone who wants to participate, but it is required that you are in a condition to perform the swim.
    • Entry fee: € 9,- with pre-registration required, no race day registration
    • Wetsuits are allowed
    • This is not a race
    • You will get a swim cap

We use Mylaps for this event. If you do not own a chip, you can buy one for 5 euro. Specify at registration if you have a yellow or green chip. For the green chip there is an additional charge of €1.25. For the yellow chip there is not.