Kids Challenge – July 4

Are you in for a challenge? Then take part in the   Kids Challenge, an adventurous obstacle course over the beach and dunes in Kijkduin. You will battle against fellow adventurers of your own age!

The   Kids Challenge is on Saturday. Start location: near the big tent.

Age Activity Start
4-5 years 1 km obstacle-race follows
6-8 years 1 km obstacle-race follows
9-11 years 2 km obstacle-race follows
12-16 years 2 km obstacle-race follows

On the aforementioned start times the groups will begin with a warming-up exercise.

All kids will receive a token, and besides that the first three finishers of each age category win a medal. The finishing order will be published on the website after the event. The finishing time will not be registered.

pre registration fee is € 5,-

post registration € 6,50

Kids Challenge 4 en 5 jaarRegistration
Pre-registering for the   Kids Challenge will save you time, but you can sign up on the day of the event as well until 11:00.

Still questions? Please let us know: kids-challenge @

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Kids Challenge 2011 (age 4 and 5 years)