General terms and conditions

Entries and slots

  • Entries can be accepted only when the entrant is 18 years or older (long distance triathlon), or 16 jaar or older (short distance and team triathlon).
  • An entry will be converted to a (guaranteed) race slot when:
    1. a complete entry form has been received;
    2. full payment of the entry fee has been received; and
    3. the race slot has been confirmed by the race secretariat.
  • The discounts and surcharges on the entry fees are determined by the moment the full entry fee is received by the organisation. In this respect, we consider entry fees to be received when:
    1. the full amount has been added to our bank account;
    2. an entry has been made online through Active Europe (with payment via Credit Card); or
    3. an entry is accompanied with an authorization to withdraw the entry fee due from your bank account and transfer it to our bank account (only possible when you have a Netherlands based bank account). If attempts to withdraw the entry fee fail, the right to any discount is forfeit.
  • As long as an entry is incomplete, a race slot cannot be guaranteed to an athlete.


  • The entry fee can be refunded (in full, or in part) to an athlete who withdraws his entry when the following conditions are met:
    1. The entry fee will be refunded in full if an athlete had presented (in writing) an official and signed medical declaration which states that the athlete is not capable to participate, at least 4 days before race day.
    2. The entry fee can be refunded in part (75%) when the race secretariat has received a withdrawal notice, at least 14 days before race day.
  • If none of the above conditions are met, refunds are not possible.

Handing over a slot to another athlete

  • An athlete who has been awarded a slot is allowed to hand over his slot to another athlete, without any cost, only when all the relevant entry data of the other athlete have been received by the race secretariat, at least two days before race day.

Other conditions

  • For his or her own safety, every participant is required to take good notice of all information related to the event.
  • Every participant acts in a responsible and sportsmanslike manner before, during and after the race. Every participant recognizes that an off road race course carries inherent risks, and acts accordingly. This means that participants are not to take any unnecessary risks during the race that can endanger themselves, other athletes or bystanders. Every participant is aware that the race courses are open to other public, and is mindful to the behaviour of other users of the course, like bathers, walkers, sailers, surfers, fishers and horseback riders. They are not to be needlessly disturbed, hindered or endangered in any way.
  • The KYOCERA Beach Challenge is being held under the rules and regulations of the Dutch Triathlon Union (Nederlandse Triathlon Bond).
  • Every participant in the KYOCERA Beach Challenge has sole responsibility for his or her personal posessions and athletic equipment during the event and its related activities. By accepting the race slot and participating in the event, the athlete waives and releases any and all claims that he or she may have against the Beach Challenge Foundation, its Event Committee, their officers, directors, members, volunteers, employees, agents, sponsors, arising out of my participation in the event and its related activities.

Version: August 10 2003